Bad Piggies World Map 2

The Map for Bad Piggies World

Bad Piggies World is an online MMO. It is similar to Club Penguin, but it is way better and as the name suggests, it has pigs :D It will be released on 12/30/30.


Park - Outside the shop! Do you want to hang out with your fellow snorks and just chill? This is the place! *oink*

Shop - Theres no catalog, but, you can pre-order your items from the counter! Just click on the counter to order your item! It will be in your player card once the final game is released! Till then, have a free piggy background!

Beach- Go for a swim, or tell a story while eating marshmallows! This is the most popular room yet!

Rockmount Cliff - The highest point on Piggy Island! Watch out! Falling rocks make the climb extremely dangerous!


Rock Climbing - Go climb Rockmount Cliff and gather photos for tourist attraction while dodging the falling rocks!

Bad Piggies - That's right! You can play Bad Piggies for free on your PC! Except this time, you can go and explore! The more you explore, the more places will be unlocked on the map!

Hydro Popper - This game is similar to Hydro Hopper, except you are a pig! Watch out for angry birds in the water! If you crash into them, they will pop you! You can unlock Silver Surfboard after level 15!