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Bad Piggies Soda is a drink by Rovio and PepsiCo.


Only users and admins can add flavors.


(Bad Piggies music plays)

Narrator: Are you drowsy?

Helmet Pig: I sure am!

Narrator: Then power up with NEW Bad Piggies Soda!

Freckled Pig: Lime! (glugglugglug)

Moustache Pig: Lime-Orange! (glugglugglug)

King Pig: Lemon-Lime! (glugglugglug)

Helmet Pig: Lime-Blackberry! (glugglugglug)

Female Pig: Lime-Strawberry! (glugglugglug)

Narrator: Bad Piggie Soda! Coming to a store near you!

(Rovio logo)

(PepsiCo logo)

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