Bad Piggies Seasons is a new game by TheSponge231. This is the second holiday-themed game by Rovio, the first being Angry Birds Seasons.


  1. Tusk 'Til Dawn
  2. A Piggie Christmas! - (Update turns it to Bad Piggies Seasons)
  3. Hogs and Kisses
  4. Boar Green 'Go Lucky
  5. Easter Pigs
  6. Moon Festival
  7. Hall-o-swine
  8. Wreck the Hogs
  9. The Year of the Sheep
  10. Cherry Blossoms
  11. Piglantis
  12. Back to School
  13. Haunted Hogs
  14. Winter Wonderham
  15. Abra-Ca-Bacon
  16. Arctic Pigspedition
  17. The Leprehog