This Game is Released on May 7 2013.This One is A Rpg Bad Piggies Game.


Pigs Was Enjoying Their Eggs Now but,Terence Are Getting King Pig and The Eggs to The Prison.

Pigs Are Screaming.And They Needed Their King and Their Eggs.


World 1-Country DeranakEdit

1.1.Mountains of the Eastern- 5 Levels

1.2.Chuck's Village- 6 Levels

1.3.Jungle Of the Ghosts- 4 Levels

World 2-Country IndustriaEdit

2.1.The Pig Factory- 3 Levels

2.2.The Path of Blossom- 5 Levels

2.3.Acid Underground- 7 Levels

2.4.Green Plant- 6 Levels

2.5.Experimental Bunker- 8 Levels

World 3-Country GeriEdit

3.1.Dry Ice- 4 Levels

3.2.Frozen Peaks- 5 Levels

3.3.The Mine Of The Darkness- 8 Levels

3.4.Ice Age- 6 Levels

3.5.Underwater of Stella- 10 Levels

3.6.Caverns Of the water Crystals- 9 Levels

3.7.Mystery of the Portal- 7 Levels

World 4-Country ArceiaEdit

4.1.Pyramids Of Eygptbirds- 7 Levels

4.2.Sandy Lake- 11 Levels

4.3.The Ridge Of The Blues- 7 Levels

4.4.Cactus Garden- 6 Levels

World 5-Country KeresaEdit

5.1.The Lavafalls Of Bomb- 12 Levels

5.2.Volcanic Panic- 15 Levels

5.3.The Cave of Magma- 18 Levels

5.4.Castle of the Birds- 21 Levels

World 6- System GherahEdit

6.1.Earth Rock- 17 Levels

6.2.Icicle Freezing- 14 Levels

6.3.The Cold Red- 16 Levels

6.4.Gas Planet- 18 Levels

6.5.Saturoid- 15 Levels

6.6.The Fate of Doom- 25 Levels


This Game is Only for DS. Use The Cross With Lines but not the Letters as Your Walking,

Use Your Stylus To Open The Invitory or Pause And Many Including The Menu.


This Game is Unfinished.So Admins Can only Edit And Cherylfrancis3000 Can Edit.