Bad Piggies Powers is a game that involves power-ups in the game or in-app purchase. This has adventures to get stuff other than the eggs.


  • 1. Forest Adventure
  • 2. Medieval Castle
  • 3. Delivery Dilemma
  • 4. Wario World

Bonus episodesEdit

  • Silver Land
  • Railroad Mode



  • Shield: A shield is blocking the vehicle and when birds and TNT goes on it, they disappears.
  • Glue: Makes a vehicle indestructible.
  • Turbo Engine: this power is able to make the vehicle go really fast.
  • Magnets: Able to attract star and power-ups.
  • Mechanic Pig: Build the vehicles.
  • Hammer: Smash blocks, wood, TNT, and glass in the way. Also knock off birds in the way.
  • Clones: Multiply there vehicles. If a vehicle gets destroyed, each another goes, but if all are destroyed, the level starts all over again.