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Bad Piggies Jurrasica is a game that was released on Sept 20, 2013. 

The game has combat added as one of the features.


Galacier- 15 Levels,3 Caverns

Jungle- 25 Levels,5 Caverns

Desert- 20 Levels,4 Caverns

Swamp- 30 Levels,6 Caverns

Volcano- 40 Levels,8 Caverns


At the end of each level,You have to fight with a miniboss but a the end of each episode, you fight the actual boss.


Lvl 1-14- Baby Polar Bear- 100 Hp,3 Armor

Lvl 15- Kung Fu Bear- 550 Hp,8 Armor


Lvl 1-24-Monkey Queen- 120 Hp,4 Armor

Lvl 25-Monkey King- 630 Hp,9 Armor


Lvl 1-19-The Baby Isis- 110 Hp,12 Armor

Lvl 20-The Isis- 1000 Hp,25 Armor


Lvl 1-29- The Ghost of Devil- 170 Hp,3 Armor

Lvl 30-The Devil- 870 Hp,16 Armor


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