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Bad Piggies Ice Cream is a snack made by Breyer's and Rovio
Orange Ice Cream

Orange Ice Cream

They are available in stores around 2013.

TV/Radio Comercail

(Plays Angry Birds Summer Pignic music)

Screen:Are you hungry?

Freckled Pig:Yes.

Screen:No need for eggs,

Freckled Pig:Why not?

Screen:Because you have Bad Piggies Ice Cream!

Freckled Pig:Lime!(freezes)

Normal Pig:Kiwi!(freezes)

King Pig:Lemon!(freezes)

Mustashe Pig:Orange! Horray for me!(freezes)

Helmet Pig:Black Seseme!(freezes)

Female Pig:Strawberry! Te hee hee!(freezes!)

Robotic Pig:Super Black Seseme!(freezes)

Screen:Bad Piggies Ice Cream! In stores June 2013

(Breyer's logo)

(Rovio logo)

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