Bad Piggies (Cartoon series)

Freckled pig

The series main logo
Producer(s) Ghostracer


Type Cartoon series
Genre(s) Animation
First Air Date(s)
Christmas 2017
Country of Origin New zealand
Original Language Australian English
All ages
Runtime 11 min. each episode

Bad Piggies is a 2017 animated cartoon series about Freckled Pig, King Pig and their multiple attempts to get the eggs. It's exclusivly shown in Wallonia and Oceania. Some stories from the PigWord also occur.

Episode List
Title Nr. Short Summary Trivia
Fallen Dreams Pilot Episode Freckled Pig's cart explodes while in the Field of Dreams. This is the first episode of Bad Piggies.
The Punchin' Defense Tank Episode 2 King Pig, Corporal Pig, Mechanic Pig and Freckled Pig design a tank and go on a rampage on Piggy Island. This is the first appearance of the flock.
Professor Pig's Rocket Experiments  Episode 3 Professor Pig decides to test out his newly invented traffic vehicles on Freckled Pig and some Minion Pigs.   First appearance of Professor Pig.
Menace Episode 4 A vehicle who lives on his own starts terroizing Piggy Island.
The Pig Train Episode 5 After many fail attempts, Foreman Pig and Chronicler Pig build A TRAIN !
Swineborgs Episode 6 Freckled Pig creates THE ultimate robots ever !
The smartest vehicle Episode 7 Freckled Pig creates his new plane...
Hog Tests Episode 8 King Pig gets ideas for new vehicles, so he sends Postman Pig on the proof...
Spiderpig Episode 9 When trying to catch the eggs on a mountain, King Pig gets an idea : He will CLIMB his way to the cliff edge.
Death Episode 10 During a vehicle ride, Freckled Pig gets poisoned by the engine vehicle and gets severely ill and ends up lying in the hospital, so now King Pig decides to replace Freckled Pig until he recovers.
Rocket Dedication Episode 11 Professor Pig tries out another missile vehicles.